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Good morning,

during the Super Bowl they aired a new sport for Civil War ♥
Enjoy that one.

Btw love the fact that there is more Bucky in it. :D
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I found this video by accident and i think it's a really intresting behind the scenes look.
You also have some cast interviews and behind the scences stuff.^^

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Here you can find 3 B Roll videos for CATWS.
As always be aware of the possible spoiler ;D

videos behind the cut... )
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Good morning guys,

since this week is dedicated to the Winter soldier again i have some additional footage for you :D
Marvel released two clips from the Winter soldier already.
But please be warned: SPOILER!!

clips behind the cut... again SPOILER!!! )
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For those of you that missed the Live Video of Chris answering fans questions this Wednesday at 2 PST, you can watch the video here and enjoy 47 minutes of his lovely voice :D
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And a behind the scences video of Snowpiercer.
Some of it is in korean (i think i'm not sure) but Chris and Tilda are speaking english.
And you get an impression what they did with this movie.

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I just found out that there is another version of Guccis Guilty Black ad with Chris and Rachel.
I'd like to share it with you, in case you haven't seen it either.^^

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Chris Interview for the Collider.
He speaks about Marvel, Captain America, Avengers, Snowpiercer and Iceman.

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Chris is talking about Captain America, Snowpiercer, Iceman, Sunshine and some other stuff.
He is going to film another movie between his off time until Captain America filming starts.
It's called "The many splintered things" (i hope i understood that one right - if anybody knows better please let me know)
It seems to be a romantic comedy with Michelle Monaghan. It seems to be similar to 500 days of summer.
Enjoy :D


Sep. 13th, 2012 09:11 pm
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In case you haven't seen it yet. Here Chris interview for Becoming.

From the producers of HALF NELSON, BLUE VALENTINE and ESPN'S THE LIFE comes BECOMING; an interview series that uncovers what successful actors, musicians, chefs, athletes and others, did to get to be leaders in their industries.

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Some pics (and a video) I took during the intro and q&a at the screening of The Iceman at the Toronto International Film Festival

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If you are still looking for

Behind the Scences
Avengers Alternativ opening
Avengers alternativ ending
Avengers deleted scences Steve Rogers

you can find it here.
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If you haven't seen it allready, here you can find the Avengers Gag Reel.^^

As far as i know there were some additional deleted scences about Steve on YT.
Unfortunatly they are allready deleted.
Does somebody know another source?
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Chris talks about Puncture and a little bit about post Avengers.
Have fun :D

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Here the complete scene


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