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Here is a video of the Fila shoot of Chris and a short interview.
Enjoy. ♥

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I wanted to remind you all that tonight the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron will be on Jimmy Kimmel! Be ready for some fun!

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Less than 8 weeks and Age of Ultron is finally going to be released :D
Here is the third trailer. Enjoy ♥

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I think this video just made my week.
But tbh i knew that Chris would be up for something like this ;D

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Chris won the award for Favorite Action Movie Actor for his work in Captain America.

“Thank you, thank you,” he said, astonished by the win. “I don’t win stuff so this is kind of cool. Thank you to the people who voted. Thank you to the people who love movies, who see movies, who are passionate about movies. Without you guys I’m lost, so thank you for giving me a purpose.”

Evans added that he knew how he managed to sweep the Favorite Action Movie Actor category -- 40 percent of the votes came from his mom. “But the other 60 percent, it really means a lot to me” Chris Evans continued. “I’m eternally grateful.”

Here is the video of the acceptance speech:

source one , source two
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There is also a Behind the scenes video for Chris's Call of Duty appearance.
Enjoy ♥

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Marvel released a Age of Ultron Sneak Peek.
I really like that one!! :D
Enjoy! ♥

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Chris finally did his Ice Bucket Challenge and he did it with style ♥


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